Resetting the Navi Path

If you have reset your sat nav to factory settings then you will need to set the “Navi path” again otherwise you will get the message “Please set Navigation Path” when you press the Navigation icon.

To set the navi path:

1. On the main screen of icons scroll down to the second screen and select the “Navi Path” icon.
2. In the second box labelled “Navigation Path:” select the browse icon on the right (3 dots and 3 lines).
3. Then select SDMMC followed by NAVI.EXE and press OK.
4. Use the back icon to the return to the main screen and try again.

If you do not see SDMMC listed at step 3 then make sure the Micro SD card in the slot on the side of the sat nav is inserted properly. When the card is present the Micro SD card icon on the top right of the main screen should be white not grey. If in doubt try removing the card and reinserting, you should hear a “whoosh” shound a few seconds after reinserting it and the icon should go white.