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Alarm Systems

Sniper Easy Fit: User & Installation Manual

Sniper X1: User Manual,  Installation Manual

Sniper X2: User ManualInstallation Manual

Single Wire Central Locking Ground to Lock Cut to Unlock

Single Wire Central Locking Ground to unlock Cut to lock


Truck Nav Sat Nav

See the dedicated Truck Nav Support page here.


Televisions and accessories

User manual

Quick start guide (pre 2018 models)

SN-335 Roof mount antenna


Dash Cams

SN-8000L User Manual

SN-8000L Single Camera Dash Cam Troubleshooting


Rear View Cameras

Motorhome dual camera rear view camera kits

SN-RKIT20 & SN-RKIT21 Mercedes Sprinter/VW Crafter Camera

SN-RKIT6: 7″ Wireless Camera Kit


Parking Sensors

SREVA4: 4 Way Audible Parking Sensor Instructions

SREVD4: 4 Way Display Parking Sensor Instructions

WREV04-B and WREV04-W: 4 Way Wireless Display Parking Sensor Instructions

SREVD8: 8 Way Front & Rear Parking Sensor Instructions


Mains Power Inverters

Tips & FAQs

24V 2000W User Manual


HID Kits

Compatibility List